Is globalization inevitable?

farmer loading cows onto trailer for market

We were in one of our home grown American stores the other day and everything I saw was made in some other country. The grocery and health food stores are about the same way. About half the worlds produce is grown in China. Many things that are packaged in the US. are produced offshore. There is a company in Asheboro, NC. whose only business is to ‘repack’ tomatoes. A proposed ‘country of origin’ labeling law has been vigorously opposed and delayed by the retail industry for several years. They don’t want you to know where some things (especially food, animal or human) come from.We have been fed the line that ‘globalization’ is inevitable. Two more tactics are used to condition us to go along with it without too much discomfort – 1. That it’s a good thing, and 2. a substitute fear that we will be left behind if we resist it. So, when businesses close up and move to some other country we just quietly tighten our belts a little and complain when local governments raise our taxes to make up for the lost revenue. When there is a recall, after recall, after recall, of contaminated products we just hope the big boys will look after us. (another mental conditioning) In fact, I think some people are in a state of denial that their cheap food supply could be in jeopardy!At some point we have to wake up and realize that only we are in control of what we consume. Why should we continue to send this country’s wealth to some other country? Who convinced us that we should let another country, which may not like us or might even hate us, produce our food? How did we come to the state where we can hardly buy anything produced locally or even in our own country? In our opinion, the powers that be have ‘done a number on us’ and it is up to us to make a change by demanding locally produced food and other products that we consume.

Here’s a little heads-up. Some of you know that NCSU is doing research on our Jersey beef. They will be at the Piedmont Triad Market on Aug. 25 doing a taste test. So plan to be there and give them your input!

Although there have been a few light showers of rain lately, it continues to be a very dry season. We have been cutting down trees so the cattle can get something green to eat. Pastures have improved a bit but it won’t last with the prediction of hot dry conditions for the foreseeable future. Let’s hope it rains soon so we can get the late season greens going!

Joe and Jean Peterson

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  1. 1 Robbin

    Thanks for caring about our food and getting the word out about how to eat healthy. I hope you stay encouraged and never get tired of working so hard on the farm and going to market regularly and writing these wonderful blog posts!

    Blessings back at ya!

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