USDA and GMO Seed

We are absolutely enjoying the almost perfect weather the last few days! And it’s busy, busy, busy working the soil in the fields and planting lots of seeds in the greenhouse.

Seeds are amazing things. They come in all shapes and sizes with some so small they look almost like dust. And they appear to be dead dry plant material. But each seed contains a spark of life and when exposed to the right temperature and moisture conditions begins to grow and produce a living plant. In fact, almost all living things on earth, including humans, owes their very existence to the life that comes from seeds.

That is why it seems so unnatural and dangerous to manipulate the genetic make-up of seeds. Genetically modified plants (GMO) have been proven to transfer their alteration to nearby conventional plants. The corporate seed companies have patented their modifications and can test plants on farms to see if they contain their gene pattern. Farmers have been sued because their conventional crops have been contaminated by GMO crops nearby.

Now biotechnicians have come up with what is called a ‘terminator gene’. This simply means the seeds from plants containing this gene will not germinate. These seeds must come from the seed company because the seeds produced by the crop will not grow. It is possible that eventually a few seed companies will have absolute control of all the food producing seeds in the world.

And what happens if the ‘terminator gene’ transfers to conventional and native plants? All life on earth could be in jeopardy. Once GMO’s are introduced into the environment it is impossible to reverse.

Only organic farming prohibits the use of GMO’s. But even this may be at risk because of potential cross-contamination from GMO crops.

So far the USDA has given the green light to almost all GMO seed introductions. And most people don’t even know it is happening. The general public needs to inform themselves and pressure the government to be more cautious.

We plan to be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market on Saturday from 10:00 until 3:00. We have grass-fed Jersey beef, pasture raised chicken, free range farm eggs. All beef roasts are still on sale at $5.00 lb.

We will have some collard greens and upland cress.

Come on out and visit with us at the market.

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