Picking Greens!

The first cool front of fall is blowing through and it appears by all reports the coolness may be a bit pinching for the next couple of days. Maybe we can turn off the AC and open the windows while we search for a sweater or jacket.

Right on que with the weather we are picking fall greens. The last couple of cloudy and rainy days caused them to just jump so we have beautiful, tender, sweet greens for you. They include turnip, mustard spinach, arugula, red kale, and some boc choi. Several others will be coming a bit later.

Other vegetables include heirloom field peas, calico crowder peas, heirloom white half runner beans, okra, egg plant, and butternut squash.

Sales have been brisk on USDA Grass Fed Jersey Beef and Free Range Pasture Chicken and we may experience temporary shortages of some items. Right now we have a good stock of most everything.

Our laying hens and pullets (young hens) are liking the cooler mornings and these beautiful ladies have really picked up laying eggs for us. We have several more dozen available. Hopefully, you won’t have to be disappointed by us being sold out.

Hours at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market are Tuesday and Wednesday (10:00 until 2:00); Thursday and Friday (9:00 until 3:00); Saturday (8:00 until 4:00); Sunday (9:00 until 3:00).

Hours at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market are Saturday (6:00 until 12:00).

Thank you for your support of local healthy food and your business with us. We hope to see you at the market!

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