Real Food!

We have taken off from the market for two or three weeks hoping to get some rest after a busy season. Of course, the ‘rest’ part has not gone so well. We have all the things we put off until now to catch up on as well as some other projects. We have more things to do than we will ever get done! It looks like we will have to come back to the market so we can rest!

Any way, we are planning to be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market on Saturday from 9:00 until 3:00. I know it is supposed to rain but the temperature is forecast to be in the 60′s. Hopefully, some of you are needing to purchase some things from us and won’t mind a little rain.

We will have some kale, collards, curly mustard, upland cress, and Savoy cabbage from the garden.

We have all the regular types of free range pasture raised chicken. There is a good selection of USDA grass fed Jersey beef except we are out of fillet and rib eye steaks.

Our laying hens are producing more eggs now so we have a good amount of free range farm eggs.

Here’s hoping you will come out to see us on our first market day of the new year.

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