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Come See Us!

This is just a note to let you know we will be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market Saturday (9th) from 10:00 until 2:00. It is supposed to be warmer and sunny so maybe conditions will be more comfortable than the last few weeks.

We have a fresh supply of all cuts of USDA grass fed Jersey beef.

Also, we have our usual greens and fresh free range farm eggs.

Come visit with us at the market!

Perfect Patio Garden Plants!

We have been real busy at the farm and I haven’t had time to write a news letter lately. Actually, I have been writing for another project so with my limited creative abilities it is hard to do both. But we need to catch you up on the latest from the farm.

We have several new subscribers to the listserv so welcome to you.

When it finally warmed up last week everything in the garden just went crazy growing! We have lots of huge heads of romaine lettuce, plenty of broccoli, beautiful Swiss chard, arugula, mesclun mix, red kale, and cabbage by the weekend. I think there will be some zephyr squash ready and we have a few naturally grown strawberries. Of course everything we grow is without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

According to an article in the NY Times the government is going to restart a process that began 35 years ago to ban the routine use of certain antibiotics in confined animal feeding operations.
It is about time in our opinion. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones in any of our animals.

We have a good supply of USDA grass fed Jersey beef. Our laying hens are happy so we have several dozen free range farm eggs.

Currently, hours at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market are Tuesday through Friday (10:00 until 2:00); Saturday (8:00 until 4:00); Sunday (10:00 until 3:00). We are in space 74, farmers area 2.

Come and check our our selection of naturally grown vegetable plants and herbs for your garden or patio.

It is always great to see you at the market so we hope you will come visit with us this week!

Ground Beef with No Fillers!

The warm spring continues and we have begun planting some cold sensitive crops in the field. It might come a cold snap yet so we are not going to over-do it for right now. We do have some heirloom tomato plants, zephyr squash, green zucchini, and little leaf pickling type cucumbers for sale. You might want to be able to cover them if frost threatens. We still have a good selection of cool season plants and herbs that are cold hardy.

Some time ago we wrote about the big meat processors using meat glue to utilize meat trimmings and form them into expensive roasts by gluing them together. Even experienced chefs have a hard time telling the difference from the real thing by looking at them.

Recently, a product called ‘pink slime’ has been the news. This is trimmings that normally would be discarded to the dog food bin that are processed and added to ground beef. The pieces are ground, soaked in an ammonia solution, washed, then mixed into ground beef. Up to about a third of ground beef can be ‘pink slime’ and the FDA requires no labeling. Anything that contains commercial ground beef may contain this filler. A few grocery stores and restaurants have said they won’t sell ground beef containing ‘pink slime’ but how are you going to know since it is not labeled? Here is an article:

Ground beef from Peterson is all beef with no fillers, preservatives, or by-products. In fact, it is so good you will think you are eating ground steak!

On another note biotech giant BASF is locating its headquarters in Raleigh, NC after essentially being booted out of Germany. Most Europeans will not buy or plant genetically modified seeds (GMO’s). The company discontinued development of genetically altered seeds intended for Europe and moved here where the door is wide open for GM crops since the USDA does not require any labeling of GMO’s. Here is the article:

At Peterson Farm, we do not have plants, seeds, vegetables, or anything that is genetically modified (GMO). In fact, organic does not allow GMO’s and we follow organic production standards.

We have a good stock of USDA grass fed Jersey beef in all cuts. Right now we have short ribs on sale at buy three and get one free.

There is a good supply of free range farm eggs.

From the garden we have red kale, green kale, collards, turnip greens, Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, and leaf lettuce.

In addition to the plants mentioned above, we have large tomato plants in gallon pots and hanging baskets of bush pickle cucumber along with tumbling tom cherry tomatoes in red and yellow.

Hours at the Piedmont Triad Farmers market are Tuesday through Friday (10:00 until 2:00); Saturday (8:00 until 4:00); Sunday (10:00 until 3:00). We are in space 74, farmers area 2.

We hope to see you at the market!

Come Get Early Plants At Their Prime

I am late getting this email out again. Maybe it is spring fever due to the warm weather. However, we have been busy getting the market space set up for daily operations, planting in the field and in the greenhouse.

We are in the same space at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market ( booth 74, farmers area 2). For the next couple of weeks our hours of operation are Tuesday through Friday 10:00 until 2:00; Saturday 8:00 until 4:00; Sunday 10:00 until 3:00.

Debra is back to help you during the week. She is doing fine and says she is glad to be back and looks forward to seeing you.

We have a good amount of USDA grass fed Jersey beef and free range farm eggs.

Spring greens are tender and sweet but with the warm weather the over wintered ones will bolt so won’t be around too long. So get them while you can. We are planting more but it will be a while before they are ready.

We have several herb and early vegetable plants for you. There is some large tomato plants in gallon pots that should give you an early start on some home grown tomatoes. Varieties are German Johnson, big beef, and bush early girl. The bush early girl is designed for containers or small gardens.

Hanging baskets or containers are just the ticket for people that have limited space and we have some dwarf vegetable plants just for that purpose. Tumbling tom cherry tomatoes work well in hanging baskets. Patio and red robin cherry are suitable for containers. We also have some bush pickle cucumbers that work for hanging baskets or containers.

This early in the spring cold sensitive plants should be placed in a warm sunny location and protected from a cold north wind. In case of frost or freeze danger they should be taken into shelter or well covered to prevent damage. But it is possible to have tomatoes, etc. a month or so earlier with the right management.

Well, it’s time to get to work with preparation for Market. We hope to see your smiles soon.


Joe Peterson

The Early Spring Greens are Beautiful!

What a beautiful couple of days! We have seen mocking birds, blue birds, and some other kinds of birds we are not familiar with that are probably just passing through. I suppose they are telling us spring is on the way. Even though it feels like spring the calendar tells us there is still almost a month left of winter.

Some rain is supposed to come in and it will return to seasonal temperatures tomorrow. I hope we don’t have bad storms.

Early spring greens are beautiful right now and as always they are tender and sweet. We have red kale, green kale, broccoli, collards, upland cress, turnip greens, and curly mustard. Also, there is some turnip roots and red winter cabbage.

We have a new supply of USDA grass fed Jersey beef and have all cuts available. In free range chicken we have a few small whole chickens, boneless/skinless breast, wings, and backs/necks.

There are plenty of fresh free range farm eggs.

We plan to be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market tomorrow from 9:00 until 3:00. The temperatures are forecast to return to normal with breezy conditions so everyone will want to wear their winter clothing.

We hope to see you at the market.

Hope to See You on Saturday!

We plan to be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market Saturday from 9:00 until possibly 1:00. The weather forecast is for high winds and turning much colder in the afternoon so we will plan on leaving earlier than usual. It looks like we are in for some winter temperatures for a few days.

From the garden we plan to have red kale, green kale, broccoli, and turnip roots.

There will be our grass fed jersey beef and free range chicken along with quite a few dozen free range farm eggs.

We will look for you at the market.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! And the best of New Year wishes to you!

This has been another good year for Peterson Farm and we want to thank each of you for your support of local organically grown food. We do a lot of hard work to provide the very best quality products for your culinary pleasure. Our greatest reward is that you enjoy it. And you must because you keep coming back for more.

We believe as the cost of energy and transportation keeps rising locally produced products of all kinds are going to become more important. Over the past fifty years we have become a nation of consumers instead of producers. But the tide is changing. We can make, produce, or create all kinds of things. And eventually we will do it more price effective than imported goods.

We think our support of local business is ensuring the economic future of our communities. Together we can prosper.

Hours at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market for Christmas and New Year weeks are Friday (12.00 until 4:00) and Saturday (9.00 until 2:00).
We will be at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market both Saturdays from 6:00 until 12:00.

Winter vegetables include red kale, green kale, black kale, curly mustard, collards, savoy cabbage, turnip roots, and lettuce from the greenhouse.

We have a good supply of USDA grass fed Jersey beef and free range chicken. Our laying hens have slowed a lot but we have several dozen free range farm eggs.

While you are making your holiday outings come on by the market for delicious healthy food.

Many Blessings,
Joe and Jean Peterson

Thanksgiving is Here!

Here at the farm, we have many things to be thankful for. Here’s hoping you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving day!

We will be open at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market each day until Wednesday ( the day before Thanksgiving). Hours are Friday, Sunday, Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday (10:00 until 3:00). Saturday (8:00 until 4:00).

We will also be at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market Saturday (6:00 until 12:00) and Wednesday (7:00 until 1:00


November News From Peterson Farm

It is hard to believe it is already November. The growing season has been very busy and the wet, cool fall has been good for our fall crops. The cold, windy weekends have not been very friendly for market shoppers or vendors so we appreciate all our faithful customers. And, believe it or not, a few new ones!

According to reports, Whole Foods Markets profits were up over 30% in the third quarter and a survey found that over 75% of families with children buy at least some organic products. So organic is not just a ‘niche’ market anymore. Perhaps the accusation that organic is elitist will fade away.

From our gardens we have beautiful broccoli, Savoy cabbage, boc choi, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, arugula, mesclun mix, red kale, green kale, black kale, turnip greens, curly mustard, collards, and turnip roots. All are grown using organic methods.

We have a good stock of all cuts of USDA grass fed Jersey beef. Along with the usual cuts of steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc. we have some things you might not be familiar with. Philly style steak is thin cuts (1/4 inch) of steak that are traditionally used to make the famous Philly steak sandwich. These can be cooked in just a few minutes in a fry pan and may be used for steak and eggs, stir fry, chunks in a salad , or any other use quickly cooked thin steak would work. Flat iron steak is lean boneless shoulder steak that is usually marinated and grilled. We use McCormick’s Montreal Steak marinate and we recommend soaking over night ( or 12 hours). Marrow bones are 4 inch leg bones that may be used to flavor soups, stews, or vegetables. They may also be stewed separately and the marrow removed to spread on bread as a delicacy. Knuckle bones are the joints that contain marrow but also have the cartilage. When stewed in other dishes the cartilage releases beneficial nutrients said to help lubricate our joints.

We have plenty of USDA free range pasture chicken in whole chickens, boneless/skinless breast, split breast, leg quarters, wings, backs, and necks.

Our laying hens are still doing well so we have several dozen fresh free range farm eggs.

Our market hours beginning next week at the Piedmont Triad Farmers market are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday ( 9:00 until 2:00); Saturday ( 8:00 until 4:00).

Hours at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market are Saturday ( 6:00 until 12:00).

We will look for you at the market!

Picking Greens!

The first cool front of fall is blowing through and it appears by all reports the coolness may be a bit pinching for the next couple of days. Maybe we can turn off the AC and open the windows while we search for a sweater or jacket.

Right on que with the weather we are picking fall greens. The last couple of cloudy and rainy days caused them to just jump so we have beautiful, tender, sweet greens for you. They include turnip, mustard spinach, arugula, red kale, and some boc choi. Several others will be coming a bit later.

Other vegetables include heirloom field peas, calico crowder peas, heirloom white half runner beans, okra, egg plant, and butternut squash.

Sales have been brisk on USDA Grass Fed Jersey Beef and Free Range Pasture Chicken and we may experience temporary shortages of some items. Right now we have a good stock of most everything.

Our laying hens and pullets (young hens) are liking the cooler mornings and these beautiful ladies have really picked up laying eggs for us. We have several more dozen available. Hopefully, you won’t have to be disappointed by us being sold out.

Hours at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market are Tuesday and Wednesday (10:00 until 2:00); Thursday and Friday (9:00 until 3:00); Saturday (8:00 until 4:00); Sunday (9:00 until 3:00).

Hours at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market are Saturday (6:00 until 12:00).

Thank you for your support of local healthy food and your business with us. We hope to see you at the market!