Are you tired of bland tasting, perfect looking food from the grocery store? Vegetables and fruit that have been picked before their time and held in cold storage until they reach the supermarket … vegetables and fruits that never quite ripen and never have distinctive home grown flavor? Poultry and meats that are inhumanely raised in tight pens and fed food that is not good for them or for your body? Are you concerned about how these foods were grown, handled and packaged? Do you worry about the long-term effects of agricultural chemicals and what their use in conventional production practices is doing to our soil, environment and, ultimately, to you? Do you wonder where in the world (literally) your food comes from? Would you like to do business with a local farmer who actually cares about your good health rather then how fast your money can get into his bank?


farmer in a row of tomatoes with basket

All vegetables produced on Peterson Farm are grown without pesticides or commercial fertilizers. Many are heirlooms and a few are family heirlooms like our German tomatoes, which were developed by my great uncle. We grow a large variety of vegetables including garden peas, sugar snaps, radishes, beets, onions, arugula, lettuce, kale, turnips and greens, potatoes, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, green beans, field peas, mush melons, watermelons, butternuts, pumpkins, butter beans, Swiss chard, snow peas, mustard spinach, and persimmons. Vegetables are seasonal in availability and price.

PASTURED CHICKEN out side pen for with chickens in it

“The Best You Ever Tasted” We actually grow our chickens outside on grass. Did you know that free-range or organic chicken that you purchase in stores may have ‘access’ to the outside but are still grown in huge numbers in commercial houses … and that their ‘access’ to outside may be just a few minutes. Our poultry are all grown in movable pens on grass in flocks of 100. They are given an all-vegetable feed and are never given antibiotics or hormones. Peterson Farm chickens are processed at a small local plant and are USDA inspected. Most of the processing is done by hand. Our processor uses a natural citrus acid to control bacteria as opposed to the chlorine baths used by the large conventional processors. The chickens are then air-cooled, European style, rather than being submerged in ice water. The result is less water retention — which equals weight, which customers pay for when buying store chicken. Peterson Farm poultry has a very natural skin color due to the European cooling process and no use of chlorine bleach. The end product is lean, clean, nearly fat free, and delicious. Our customers tell us the taste and quality is the best available. Since we raise our chickens in natural habitat, outside, they are available from May to December. For more information about pastured poultry go to The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association . Here is a link to a few cooking tips we put together for you to get the most out of our products.


jersey cows at pasture

‘Pasture finished’ means the cattle are taken directly from the pasture to the processor with no grain fattening period. This way you get all the benefits of the vitamins and enzymes of an all forage diet.

“A Beef Delicacy” When I was a boy, I went with my father to visit a local cattleman. During the course of the conversation, I remember the man saying he had a Jersey steer ready to process for his own use. He said Jersey cattle make the best beef. That was probably 50 years ago. Since that time I have had other ‘old timers’ tell me the same thing. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many of our customers, they are right.

We grow our Jersey and Jersey cross steers outside in the pasture on grass. They are grass-fed. They receive no grain or concentrates for at least 12 to 18 months prior to processing. According to research being conducted by NCSU, grass-fed Jersey beef has about 1/3 the fat content of grain-fed. Also, Jerseys have the ability to produce higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids along with unsaturated and monounsaturated fats than other breeds. As opposed to the surface fat layer produced by most beef breeds, Jerseys develop intramuscular fat that yields tender juicy flavorful meat even raised on grass with resulting low weight gain. Jersey cattle are smaller and grow slower than many other breeds. But the resulting product is well worth the trouble. To quote one person, it is simply “wonderful.” Visit for more information.

Some customers say the steaks are the best they have ever eaten. Our beef is USDA inspected and aged for at least two weeks before it is butchered. When cooking Peterson Farm steaks and ground beef, care should be taken not to over cook them. Unsaturated fat has a lower melting point than saturated fat found in conventional pen and grain raised beef. So use lower heat and cook until it just is done for peak flavor. You’ll discover that our roasts and stew beef are amazingly tender and flavorful when slow cooked. Use this link to a few cooking tips we put together for you to get the most out of our products. For more information about the benefits of pasture based meats go to


pigs in a pen

Hogs, like everything else, are what they eat. We use feed that consists of whole grain, i.e. corn, wheat, etc. Our hogs are grown outside, on the ground, where they can root in the dirt like they are supposed to do. They are given no garbage, grocery store or restaurant waste, or old bread. And they receive no hormones or antibiotics. It costs more to raise our hogs this way but we know that the end result is well worth the special effort. Peterson Farm pork chops are delicious any way you cook them. Our customers will tell you so! And you’ll like our flavorful sausage, too. It is made with all natural herbs and seasonings and no preservatives or MSG. It is lean and delicious. Customers tell us its taste is superior to anything available in stores or meat markets.


All our meats are vacuum packed and frozen to preserve freshness. No gas packaging! Store bought meats may be injected with a brine solution along with artificial flavorings and preservatives. Our meats receive no injections of any kind!


Pastured Chicken

Whole Chicken  -  $4.50 lb.
Split Breast   -      $9:00 lb.
Whole legs   -       $4.80 lb.
Wings         -        $4.20 lb.
Soup bones  -       $3.00 lb.
Necks         -        $3.00 lb.

Pasture Finished Jersey Beef

Ground beef
1 lb. bulk    -    $6.25 lb.
6 oz. patties -  $6.75 lb.

T-bone    -      $15.50 lb.
Ribeye    -     $16.50 lb.
Sirloin    -      $12.00 lb.
Fillet Mignon    -      $22.50 lb.
NY Strip    -      $18.50 lb.
Cubed    -      $7.50  lb.
Flank    -       $8.50  lb.
Skirt     -       $8.50  lb.

Sirloin tip    -    $8.00 lb.
Round       -     $7.00 lb.
Rump        -    $7.00 lb.
Shoulder   -     $6.50 lb.
Chuck      -     $6.00 lb.
Boneless beef shank -   $4.00 lb.

Stew beef    -   $7.25 lb.
Short ribs    -   $4.00 lb.
Beef liver    -    $4.25 lb.
Dog bones  -  $2.00 lb.

Homegrown Pork

Breakfast Sausage  -  $5.00 lb.
Link Sausage         -  $5.50 lb.
Pork loin chops    -    $7.00 lb.
Pork ribs             -    $4.75 lb.
Ham roast        -    $6.25 lb.
Shoulder roast    -    $4.75 lb.
Pork liver            -   $2.50 lb.
Fat back            -   $2.00 lb.