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Hopeful Anticipation and Excitement for 2011

We have now had time to recuperate from the busy growing season just past. Someone said the summer was too long, too hot, and too busy…but just wait until next year! One thing about farming is we have a chance to do it all over, and hopefully improve, next season. Hopeful anticipation and excitement grows as spring approaches.

After the hottest summer on record we have now had the coldest December on record. Both have not been conducive to good growing conditions. Fall and winter greens are damaged by the cold so we will not have any until warmer weather when they can regrow.

The weather is forecast to moderate with highs in the 50′s by Friday (31st). So we are planning a market day since it will be New Year’s Eve. Thus we will be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market on Friday from 10:00 until 3:00.

Our freezers are well stocked with pasture finished Jersey beef and pasture raised chicken. Although our chickens have slowed way down laying eggs we have 20 or more dozen nice brown eggs from our free range hens.

Thank you for your business and support this year and we wish you the very best and much happiness in the new year

Savoy Mates! The tastiest food is always local!

cabbage savoy

This photo was taken from my new BlackBerry! It’s my new tool to help share the story of the great tasting food I grow on the farm. Doing my part so people in the Triad can buy natural, local food and stay healthy!