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See You at the Farmers Market

It looks like this year will be remembered as the year winter returned to North Carolina. The snow and cold temperatures remind me of winters several years ago. The last few years warm winters seemed unusual so maybe we are experiencing a more normal climate.

The cows are sure eating hay so we are running short. In fact, we hauled in a load today which makes the third load we have bought. And we will need another one before spring arrives. At least there is plenty available due to the timely rains we had last growing season. With it being so cold our winter forage is not growing much but the cows seem perfectly content to munch on hay. And they really get noisy if they run out!

The hens are still laying eggs like crazy even with the bad weather. Of course, we feed them the very best feed available and they have some protection from the cold wind at night. They seem perfectly happy and keep singing contentedly. But they do not like to walk on the snow. I guess it is too cold on their feet.

We have some cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower sprouting in the greenhouse. It will be a while before the plants are big enough though. Soon it will be time to sow lettuce, tomato, pepper, and other things to get those plants started.

We already have most of our greenhouse supplies and we are beginning to obtain seeds, etc., for our outdoor gardens. Spring and the growing season will be upon us before long!

The weatherman has slacked off a bit for predictions of another winter storm this weekend. For Saturday, one predicts a high in the thirties and another in the forties with a chance of rain. So we are making plans to be at the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market from 10:00 until 3:00 on Saturday. If things change and there is ice and/or snow we won’t be there. But, hopefully, it will remain above freezing so we can make it. I am sure some of you need meat or eggs by now so we want to make them available for you.

We have chicken, beef, and eggs. It is doubtful if we will be able to bring anything from the garden.

If all goes as planned, we hope to see you at the market on Saturday.